Saturday, April 20, 2013

One Yard Wonder Project #2: Cozy Fuzzy Slipper Socks!

These would be great to use up some fabric, if you have any leftover fleece.  Of course I bought the fleece, but you can use up your stash!  They are great & really comfortable.  I had to play with the seam allowances a bit because the pattern seemed to be a bit tight.  But they came out great and I really like them.  

I used Plasti-Dip, recommended on Ravelry, to spray on the soles so I don't break a hip on our slick hardwood floors.  It's spray-on rubber that really stinks, but after a few hours the smell goes away & you've got slip-free slippers.  


  1. They are some groovy socks/ slippers!!
    Did you just freehand them or did you have something similar to work from. Hadn't heard about the sole solution before...might have to look into this....

  2. They came out really well, and are nice & tight-fitting (not too tight), plus I like that they come up to my knees.

  3. Oh, and the plasti-dip stinks and takes a few coats, but it works great & there's plenty in the can if you need to re-apply after it wears off. It seems to wash pretty well, though.

  4. They look so warm and cozy. Really turned out nice.


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