Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Do You Do While Sewing? Oh, and I'm Back!

Exhibition changed today in the house;
indigo tie-dye (adire) from Burkina Faso.
Thanks to my follower in France for noticing I haven't been posting much (over a month according to her!). I haven't felt very inspired, family health issues have arisen and the Roommate & I are taking country swing dancing classes 2 nites/ it just seems like I don't have much time for blogging. Never fear: I do continue to have time for sewing!

I thought I'd post about what I do while sewing and I'd be curious to know what you do, too!

I am a huge Firefly & Serenity fan (SERENITY NOW!), so I have seen the series & the movies many times. I started watching them with Spanish dubbing to improve my listening, so I've seen them many more times that way.

I also listen to podcasts.  Slate's Gabfest and Double X podcast, along with the Audio Book Club, the Culturefest and Lexicon Valley, all available on Slate's Podcast page.  I also enjoy the Friday News Roundup (domestic & international) from Diane Rehm.  

I have a few TV shows I watch, rather irregularly, too:  The Mindy Project and Parks & Rec. But the one I'm hooked on now is Project Runway; certainly appropriate. And PR is now in Season 11...and I've only seen a bit of Season 10 & 11, so I have plenty to catch up on.  Which is good because I'm definitely not a speedy sewer & can't even begin to imagine how they complete some of those challenges in less than a day.  

So what about you?  Are you completely focused while sewing and sound & video distract?  Or do you have even more going on?  

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  1. I listen to the radio or load up a few CDs... I could never sew while watching telly, I'd probably stitch over my fingers :)


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