Saturday, February 25, 2012

Starlet Suit I: It Begins...

Okay, there was a big sale at G Street Fabrics in Seven Corners on President's Day and I had a coupon.  So I bought enough wool, lining, interfacing & notions to make not ONE, but TWO Starlet Suits.  Is this exciting or what?  So you can see my sale wool which I believe will make up beautifully...if I can stand to do all the little bits that real tailoring involves.  I am definitely the perfect audience for Short Attention Span Theatre, so not being able to quickly finish stuff gets to me, and I don't like do-overs or fiddly bits.  I hope I don't drive Gertie nuts.  (I have driven other teachers round the bend before.)

I am curious as to how the online sewing class will go; whether or not I'll be able to see well enough what Gertie's doing, and how it will be to not be asking questions in real-time...I have done an MA online and that was fine, because it was mostly reading & writing.  We'll see what happens with this type of class.

And if you're in the DC area & you want to take the Copy Your Clothes class at Bits of Thread in the Adams Morgan district of DC, can you please write to them & request it (info 'at' bitsofthred 'dot' com)'s not on the calendar & I think it would be useful & fun to learn how to do this; especially with a few pairs of pants I have that fit really well.

You'll notice in the photo I've already got some Starlet Sunglasses, which the Roommate picked out a few weeks with or without the suit, I can still play starlet!  ;-)


  1. Oh how exciting that you're making this! (Twice!) I'm definitely going to do it at some point. Looking forward to seeing yours x

  2. I feel like I'm setting out on a very long voyage...will I make it to the end?!

    Thanks, Tilly!


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