Sunday, January 8, 2012

Style Icon - Lucille Ball! I Love Lucy!

Happy New Year all.  Hope your holidays were amazing.

I know I'm not the first person to suggest this, but how about looking at Lucille Ball as a style icon?  The Roommate & I were at an exhibit about I Love Lucy yesterday at the Library of Congress, and it's hard to miss how great her 1950s clothes were.  Of course she had a great figure & was a redhead, too (I can meet one of those requirements), so looked great all the time (unless she was being funny, and meant to look like a mess).

So here are some pictures I got from the web that demonstrate what I mean...

She loved polka-dots & wore them so well.  Maybe that's why I'm inspired to wear print dresses!  Also, I love swingy skirts too--so feminine.

I'm not that into weddings, but isn't this a pretty dress?

 More polka dots & a suit with a pencil skirt!

 I love this dress!  What a great collar.  And she's being silly but looks fabulous...

 And what an amazing geometric jacket.  Like a TV test screen, but fashionable!

 Did you know she was the first woman to be shown on TV while visibly pregnant?  The word was never used, but her pregnancy was written into the show and eventually Little Ricky appeared--even though she & Ricky had separate twin beds!   But here she is, in a gorgeous coat, back when women were forced to dress in some pretty awful maternity wear.  
The contrasting collar is so great!

Check out the Lucy - Desi Museum in Lucy's hometown, Jamestown, NY for more inspiration!

Music?  Babalu - Ricky Arnaz.

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