Monday, June 20, 2011

Art Admiration 101

The Kuba peoples, who live along the Sankuru river in the Congo, make raffia velvet (you'll see some of that eventually) and this, Kuba cloth, which is dyed & woven raffia (from palm fronds).  They then applique it onto the darker, woven raffia background.  I can't deal w/ applique with cooperative fabric like cotton & a sewing machine--imagine dealing w/ raffia!  And this is about 4' x 14'!  (This is just a close up of a small part.)  This textile is a wrap, for ceremonial purposes.  The symbols don't mean anything, per se, but I wonder if their intricacy indicates the skill of the seamstress?  I'll be showing you lots more masterpieces (mistresspieces?) as this blog continues.  Thanks for your attention!

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